MAGRIT, Shoemakers since 1929

The heritage and legacy of the Spanish brand with over ninety years of craftsmanship since its foundation in 1929.

MAGRIT is a leading Spanish footwear brand from Elda, Alicante, established and renowned in the luxury sector for its distinctive quality, unique design, and appreciable comfort of its iconic shoes created for fashion-forward women.

Magrit is a brand rooted in artisan tradition, with over ninety years of shoeing women of its time and four generations of the Amat family. In 1929, José Amat opened the first artisan workshop for shoe manufacturing with the aim of creating high-quality shoes for the fashionable ladies of Elda and Alicante, establishing his own luxury shoe brand: MARGARITA.

In 1948, José Amat's son, Manuel Amat, visited Paris and discovered a demand from haute couture houses in search of skilled and quality shoemakers, thus evolving the company's philosophy as producers of the highest quality shoes for top luxury brands and haute couture houses.

José Amat
Manuel Amat
Pepe Amat

Meanwhile, MARGARITA began a successful global expansion strategy in the 1950s in Europe and in the 1960s in the United States due to an agreement reached with the USC (United Shoes Corporation). During the 1970s, Pepe and Manolo Amat, the third generation, joined the family business to drive its growth while adapting to global changes and redefining the brand's presence in European and US markets. In the 1980s, new commercial alliances emerged, further increasing MARGARITA's VIP clientele. The 1990s were a key decade in global expansion as Asian markets, including China and Japan, were incorporated into the brand's global expansion strategy, and MARGARITA was rebranded as MAGRIT.

Pepe Amat, the fourth-generation family member, currently serves as the creative director of the luxury women's shoe brand. Self-assured women inspire the shoe creator, and his designs are characterized by the use of innovative materials. The designer has also embraced the concept of the "jewel shoe," which he has modernized while maintaining MAGRIT's luxurious comfort.

Proud of the family's discipline and heritage, Pepe Amat marks the beginning of a new stage for MAGRIT focused on undertaking paradigmatic changes in the fashion industry while strengthening global expansion. The most influential women of our time wear MAGRIT shoes, a luxury shoe brand where women always feel comfortable and beautiful.