Pepe Amat


Pepe Amat is the creative director of MAGRIT. The designer represents the fourth generation of an iconic family lineage in the Made in Spain footwear sector, which combines heritage through artisanal excellence and legacy through commercial know-how.

Pepe Amat, Creative Director of MAGRIT

After growing up in the family's artisan workshop surrounded by shoe lasts, heels, and luxurious materials, Pepe Amat pursued his training in Italy after graduating from Polimoda in Florence. He continues the Amat family legacy of creating beautiful and comfortable shoes for women from MAGRIT's headquarters in his hometown of Elda, Alicante.

Proud of the tradition, artisan discipline, and family heritage, Pepe Amat marks the beginning of a new stage for MAGRIT focused on the global digital challenge. The shoe designer, or as he likes to define himself, the shoemaker, is bohemian, dreamy, and cosmopolitan. He finds inspiration in the energy of talented and self-assured women for his creative work.

A shoe designer must be part architect and part engineer when designing shoes. I have learned from my family that if a shoe, regardless of heel height, is not comfortable, it is not a worthy shoe.

The women who wear MAGRIT are my main source of inspiration. I envision them as powerful and positive women who demand comfort, beauty, and quality. Women who dare to confidently step out in innovative designs. Women are such an important part of MAGRIT that each of our models is individually named after women, and to this day, we have never repeated a name.

Pepe Amat

Creative Director

"I am proud to be the fourth generation of Amat artisans who shoe the women of their time, empowering them and accompanying them in their dreams through our craft. It will soon be a century since Magrit fitted the first woman, and we talk about being part of her evolution, of accompanying her in the battles of her time but also in her joys, and the latter are always eternal"