100 % NATURAL LEATHER, WITH A UNIFORM HAIR, WORKED TO GET ITS DISCTINTIVE TOUCH . Warm and comfortable , it requires a special care under humidity. Professional care is made through cleaning processes with metallic bristles brushes that do not damage leather  and a soft sanding  for more persistent stains, always in the same direction to keep the colour shade. Waterproofing must be done by using special liquids with a uniform distribution, followed by a soft brushing.


Leather lacqued in several layers to get that characteristic texture and brightness, lightness and comfort in high quality leathers that need to be cleaned by circular brushings with a soft cloth and special products based on oils and waxes so leather keeps its waterproofing and colour strength.


Reptile leathers show a characteristic reticular structure that allows it to adapt to the foot in a special way and gets a more shiny and changes in colour shades lustre. It is sensitive to the continued exposure to humidity and sunlight, over time it loses their flexibility and shine qualities so it is recommended a continuous care with special products for exotic leathers, based on waterproof and nourishing agents.


Natural fabric made of braided vegetal fibres, treated to make them flexible, resistant and to bring out its texture and natural colour. Its cleaning is very simple, with a damp cloth and no chemical products as it can damage fibres. Allow it to dry naturally.


Synthetic material developed with laser technology. Light and adaptable to foot. It is a special material that can be affected by long exposures to humidity and direct sunlight. It requires dry cleaning.


Magrit’s vynil is a synthetic material with very special features of adaptation to feet through the body temperature, getting a perfect fitting that means an unforgettable confort. Cleaning is very simple, you can use a damp cloth without any chemical product to avoid to damage the material and the dye colours.


Methacrylate is an acrylic material that can be used to create spectacular designs with colour and transparency games, it makes your footstep solid and comfortable. It  is sensitive to knocks and scratching but can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth without any chemical product that can damage material and color.


Magrit crystal ornaments are high quality and require a special care so they keep their shine and color. They have to be cleaned with a damp cloth and dry them well after.