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This website is property of DISGRAMARC S.L. VAT n B03469327 and with registered office in POL. IND. CAMPO ALTO, C/ GRAN BRETAÑA, 63-65 03600 ELDA (ALICANTE) (ESPAÑA).

The General Terms and Conditions of Business regulate the relation of distance selling between DISGRAMARC S.L. and the user or customer, as per legal provisions, specially the 7/1998 Law dated on the 13th of April, on General Terms and Conditions of Business, to the 26/1984 Law, dated on the 19th of July, General for the defense of Users and Consumers, the Royal Decree 1906/1999, dated on the 17th of December 1999, to regulate the telephone or electronic contracting of products with general conditions, the Organic Law 15/1999, dated on the 13th of December, on Personal Data Protection , Law 7/1996, from the 15th of January on Retail trading regulation, 34/2002 Law from the 11th of July, on Services for E-commerce and Information Society DISGRAMARC S.L. reserves the right to  make deemed necessary changes in General Conditions without prior notice. Such modifications may be made, through their websites, by any arrangement permitted by Law and will be mandatory during the time in which they are published in the website and until they are not validly modified by later ones. Nevertheless, DISGRAMARC S.L. reserves the right to apply, in special cases, Specific Terms of Contract with preference to the present ones whenever it deems appropriate, giving notice of that in good time and in an appropriate manner.

The purpose of the website is to advertise and offer shoes, bags, complements and related services.

All website contents are available in Spanish & English.

As a user or a customer, you expressly declare to know, understand and accept the conditions of use and the Terms & Conditions. In the same way, you declare to be of legal age and having the legal and acting capacity needed to access to DISGRAMARC S. L. websites and the contracting through them.

To purchase our products and services, you can go to the sections of the menu in the website.

A previous registration as a user is not necessary for browsing this website. If you buy online and have not previously registered, during the purchase process you will be asked to fill in a form including the minimum necessary information for the formalization of the purchase. In this case, you are considered as a registered user, being provided with a username and password that you will be able to use to access your account and being able to perform any procedure, by accessing the “ My Account” section.

If you want to register in our website previously, you can Access to the “Registration” section to do that. In this case, during the purchase process your registration informationwill be asked and you should identify with the  provided user name and password.

You will be able to access to “MY ACCOUNT” section to check and manage your data and your saved orders as a website user.

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999  on the Protection of Personal Data, DISGRAMARC S.L. informs users that their personal information collected during the registration process and later purchase, will be included in a file under its responsability , in order to process those actions by the user and manage subsequent procedures arising therefrom. Further, DISGRAMARC S.L. informs you on the possibility to  to exercise your rights of access, cancellation, rectification and objection with a writing to the following address POL. IND. CAMPO ALTO, C/ GRAN BRETAÑA, 63-65 03600 ELDA (ALICANTE) (ESPAÑA)

Unless we are notified the opposite we will assume that your details have not changed , that you will notify us of any changes and we have the right to use this information in order to facilitate the relation between both parties. 

Regarding registry information, it will not be public. You are responsible to treat confidentially and responsibly the identity and password provided in the registration as a user, not being able to cede it to others. You can modify the registered information in any moment at “My account” section

Once the purchase process has finished, the customer will receive a confirmation of the purchase by e-mail. It is imperative to identify a valid e-mail address. If you do not receive the purchase confirmation within the next 24 hours after the purchase, please contact DISGRAMARC S.L. at

The customer will receive an invoice or a copy of the order upon the receipt of the purchase.


Product offer and validity

In the case of an offer in a product, it will always be indicated together with its essential characteristics, the offer price & its validity. The height of the heels is about average size for a 37.

In compliance to the current laws DISGRAMARC S.L. offers information on all products on sale, their characteristics and prices. Nevertheless, DISGRAMARC S.L. reserves the right to remove, replenish or change the products offered at their website by a simple change in its content. In this way, products offered at the website will be governed by the General Conditions of Contract  in force at that particular time. Also, the company will have the right to cease to offer, without prior notice and in any moment, the access to the mentioned products.

Products offered in our website include a photograph and their essential features. The product colour, that can be seen in the photograph, is not binding. Colour is identified in the product features.

All products offered in the website enjoy DISGRAMARC S.L. commercial guarantee. Further, the company offers an after-sales service, that can be used by the customer during the guarantee period, the customer will be able to execute it by addressing to DISGRAMARC S.L. after-sale service, either by e-mail at or by ordinary mail at POL. IND. CAMPO ALTO, C/ GRAN BRETAÑA, 63-65 03600 ELDA (ALICANTE) (SPAIN). In case of doubt, the user can use the customer’s attention e-mail address

Products essential features

The products offered on our website incorporate a photograph and essential characteristics. Product color that you can see on the image is not binding. It is identified on the product characteristics.

All products offered on the website enjoy the commercial warranty DISGRAMARC SL. Also, the company has an after-sales service, while of the warranty, the customer may contact the establishment run DISGRAMARC SL, Customer Service Department by email or own corporation POL. IND. CAMPO ALTO, C / GREAT BRITAIN, 63-65 03600 ELDA (ALICANTE) (SPAIN). If you have any doubt you can contact us on



All products indicate the selling price in Euros and include Value Added Tax (VAT) in Spain, except Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands, which are considered export and product price does not include taxes. Prices outside the EU are considered export and prices do not include taxes. In case of other taxes, it would be indicated.

The main currency is the euro is a currency that will mark the final price and this is the currency in which the transaction takes place, the exchange rate is automatically applied by the systems themselves different payment methods. Also, it is reported that once completed your order the product price will be itemized in the invoice in euros.Products prices do not include shipment costs.



All shipments of Magrit online store products will be sent by UPS or MRW and will be delivered between 2-7 days if there is a stock available in the time of purchase.

You will be able to follow your product at UPS or MRW website by clicking the tracking number provided by us when payment is done

Delivery and transport costs

Shipments will be made by UPS or MRW and will have the following costs

Spain* 10€ ( only península),

Ceuta, Melilla and the Balearics by Saver shipment, 20€ cost

Europe 20€* (except countries with Saver shipment)

Other International shipments 40€. Saver shipment to: Australia, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Reunion Island, Switzerland and the USA.

International shipments, including Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands, involve an additional charge of € 30 for customs management.

We inform you that in the case of a delivery to a difficult access area, DISGRAMARC S.L. reserves the right to ask for an extra fee to the product and/or service total price.


Payment methods and order processing

The customer will be able to pay for the order by choosing from any of the following methods. The customer must choose from them during the purchase process

A. Credit card: through our online safe payment platform. Visa (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard ( MasterCard SecureCode).

All operations involving the transmission of your personal data, will be made by using a secure environment, a sever based on the SSL (Secure Socked Layer) standard security technology. All information transmitted by you will travel encrypted through the Internet.

In addition, your credit card information is directly introduced in the bank’s website, in the POS ( Point of Sale) and is neither introduced nor registered at any DISGRAMARC S.L. server.

When paying through VISA or MASTERCARD you will be always asked for the following information: credit card number, expiry date, and a verification code that matches the three-digits number in italics located on the back of your VISA or MASTERCARD credit  card, offering in this way, more guarantees about the transaction security.

If a purchase was charged fraudulent or  improperly by using the number of a credit card, its holder will be able to ask for the inmediate cancellation of the charge. In that case, the corresponding debit and credit entries will be made as soon as posible. Nevertheless, if the purchase had been made by the card holder and the returning demand was not a consequence of having   exercised their right of withdrawal or resolution and so, the card holder would have improperly asked for the annulations of the charge, the card holder shall remain bound to DISGRAMARC S.L. for the compensation for the  damages caused by this cancellation.

B. Cash on Delivery: Only in Spain, the customer will be able to choose paying the order upon delivery. We inform you that UPS or MRW will try twice to deliver the product, in case of not availability, and if delivery does not happen finally, DISGRAMARC S.L. will return you the whole amount of the product but the customer will have to pay for the shipment and return costs.

C. Paypal: It allows to send Internet payments in a secure and convenient way. Paypal net is based on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a payment global solution in real time. Paypal offers a service specially desgined for those not satisfied with traditional payment methods. More information at Paypal

D. Bank Transfer

You can pay by bank transfer. Once you place your order, we will send an email indicating the account number where you make the transfer. Please send by mail proof of the transfer indicating us the order number.

DISGRAMARC S.L.  is commited to deliver the order in a máximum of 30 days from the following day to ordering the product.

The availablility of the products offered by DISGRAMARC S.L. can differ depending on the customer’s demand. Although DISGRAMARC S.L. updates the stock periodically, the product required by the customer could be out of stock in that particular moment. In the case of not execution due to unavailability, the customer will receive an informative e-mail and in a máximum of 30 days, the amounts paid  will be returned . If DISGRAMARC S.L. does not return the amount paid in due time, the customer can claim  to be paid double the amount of the cancelled order, without prejudice to the right to be compensated.

Changes & Returns

Changes & returns are free of charge at DISGRAMARC S.L. No expenses related to customs arrangements in exportacón included.

The first change for another size or style will be free of charge. Changes can be made up to 14 days from the product delivery. User must return the product in the same original package and by using the label delivered in the product box. The user has to stick the label in the parcel when sending it back and phone UPS or MRW to organize picking up or take the parcel to any UPS or MRW office.

Used product changes will not be accepted. Products and packagings must be returned to us in perfect conditions, without any damage or defect that impedes it to be sold as new. Once the product is received in our warehouse, it will pass a technical control and when its good state is verified and you will be refunded within 30 days.

Magrit products  are quality controlled and checked for any faults during their production process and before they are dispatched to customers. Nevertheless, if you found any production defect, please let us know and proceed to its replacement through

Returns due to production defects are free of charge and accepted up to 14 days from the product delivery by the return label delivered in the product box. Products and packagings have to be returned in the same conditions they were delivered, once received, it will pass a technical inspection to verify any defect, of the defect is verified, we will proceed to the return of the payment in a maximum of 30 days.

In no case customized products, either by DISGRAMARC S.L. or by the customer,   will be changed or returned. Products tried on or used cannot be accepted.

Exchanges and returns of orders outside the EU, considered export, should contact us at is now necessary to attach information about ordering and shipping for border management and does not involve an increase in customer costs .

Right of withdrawal & claims

The customer has a deadline of 14 working days from the delivery date to desist, without any penalty and without reasons to be given.

DISGRAMARC S.L. will ask the customer to pay for the direct cost of the product return shipment.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal shall not be subject to any kind of formality, being enough for the customer to contact DISGRAMARC S.L. indicating the exercise of his/her right of withdrawal to

If the customer wishes to make a claim, he/she may do so by contacting us at DISGRAMARC S.L. post office box (POL. IND. CAMPO ALTO, C/ GRAN BRETAÑA, 63-65 03600 ELDA ,ALICANTE (Spain) or by email at



The relationship between the user and the service provider shall be subject to the relevant rules and regulations in force in Spanish territory. Any controversy arising, both parties shall subject their  conflicts to the arbitration consumption or recourse to ordinary jurisdiction in accordance with standards on jurisdiction and competence. DISGRAMARC S.L. has its registered office in Alicante, Spain.